What are the benefits of using a 3D ultrasound scan?

3D ultrasounds are mostly used in the medical industry because of their health benefits. It is one of the great tools to identify your baby’s health during pregnancy. It provides you with a clearer view of your womb and your structure with more accurate details using https://prestigeer.com/services/imaging/ultrasound.

The benefits of 3D ultrasound include

  • Detecting abnormalities
  • Understanding your pregnancy state
  • Monitoring the growth of your baby
  • Identify the baby’s weight
  • Predict the possible delivery option

Detecting abnormalities

People and doctors mainly prefer 3D ultrasounds to determine their baby’s appearance clearly and identify if there is any abnormality in their baby’s appearance. For pregnant women, it is used to check fetal abnormalities and defects early. So, they can get prepared to provide proper care for their baby.

Understanding your pregnancy state

The 3D ultrasound provides a clear image by taking a picture at a different angle. You can know how your baby is growing and whether the development of the fetus is happening within the uterus. In some cases, pregnancy may occur when the fertilized eggs get stuck in the way while moving to the uterus. Scan it and early detection of such a state can help you to save your baby’s life and improve your health condition.

Monitoring the growth of your baby

Your baby’s development generally occurs on average between 36 and 40 weeks. At that time, a parent can feel the baby’s movement and heart rate. You can also feel the baby breathe when you observe it closely. In such a case, take a scan with https://prestigeer.com/services/imaging/ultrasound to get aware of your baby’s development and prevent congenital disabilities that occur during the delivery time.

Liver Tested

Identify the baby’s weight

Knowing your body during pregnancy can help your doctor to get baby weight and it assists your doctor to estimate the delivery time during your pregnancy. 2D ultrasound showed a result with 20% of inaccuracy, which may lead to complicating the delivery if there are any disabilities. If there are no disabilities, you won’t get suffer. But if any, the doctor can’t get ready with preventive measures and make your delivery more complicated. 3D Ultrasound gives proper recommendations on birth so helps to reduce complications in delivery.

Predict the possible delivery options

The 3D ultrasound also helps to identify the position of your baby before delivery. Usually, during delivery, the baby’s head should come out first. If there is any change in the position, it creates complications during the delivery. They can discuss alternative delivery options when there is a change in position.