Question: Why Is Latent Period Important?

What is happening during the latent period of a muscle twitch quizlet?

what is happening during the latent period.

The muscle cells are biochemically preparing to contract, includes all biochemical events from acetylcholine binding to sarcolemma through cross-bridge formation.

Sarcomeres are shortening, causing the muscle cells to contract in turn, which causes a force increase..

What age is latency?

The term “latency” refers to a specific potential found in children age six to twelve in the area of personality adjustment. Specifically, this is the ability to achieve a state of calm, educability, and pliability, using an age-appropriate organization of defenses.

What age is the latency stage?

Latency Stage (6 years to puberty) No further psychosexual development takes place during this stage (latent means hidden).

What disease has the shortest incubation period?

Incubation Period of Common DiseasesAdenovirus – 2 to 14 days, leading to a sore throat, fever, and pink eye.Vomiting after exposure to Bacillus cereus, a type of food poisoning – 30 minutes to 6 hours (very short incubation period)Clostridium tetani (Tetanus) – 3 to 21 days.Chickenpox – 10 to 21 days.More items…

What happens during the latent phase of a disease?

The period between exposure and infection is called ‘latent period’, since the pathogen is present in a ‘latent’ stage, without clinical symptoms or signes of infection in the host. The period between exposure and onset of clinical symptoms is called ‘incubation period’.

Which period is called the latency period?

In epidemiology, particularly in the discussion of infectious disease dynamics (modeling), the latent period (also known as the latency period or the pre-infectious period) is the time interval between when an individual or host is infected by a pathogen and when he or she becomes infectious, i.e. capable of …

What happens if the latent period for an infection is longer than the incubation period?

If the latent period is longer than the incubation period, then people are infectious only after symptoms start. This means they can be recognised as being ill before they are infectious.

Does the latent period change with different stimulus?

Predict Question 1: No, changes to the stimulus intensity will not change the duration of the latent period. The latent period is a chemical event initiated by the stimulus regardless of its intensity.

What is a long latency period?

Latency period is the time between exposure to something that can cause disease, like asbestos, and presentation of symptoms in patients. For mesothelioma specifically, there is a long latency period, which is directly related to the poor prognosis that is typical of the disease.

What stage of infection is most communicable?

In some cases, a person is contagious during the incubation period, while in others the person is not contagious until the illness begins. The amount of time a child remains contagious depends on the infection and the child. Young children are often contagious for longer than older children.

What is the latent period and why does it occur?

The latent period is the time taken by a phage particle to reproduce inside an infected host cell. At the population level in a one-step growth curve, it can be represented as the time taken for the newly formed phage particles to appear in the media.

What is happening during the latent or lag phase?

The time between the activation of a motor neuron until the muscle contraction occurs is called the lag phase (sometimes called the latent phase). During the lag phase a signal called an action potential moves to the end of the motor neuron (axon terminal).

Why relaxation period is longer than contraction period?

Following the latent period is the contraction phase in which the shortening of the sarcomeres and cells occurs. Then comes the relaxation phase, a longer period because it is passive, the result of recoil due to the series elastic elements of the muscle.

What are the 4 types of muscle contractions?

Isometric: A muscular contraction in which the length of the muscle does not change. isotonic: A muscular contraction in which the length of the muscle changes. eccentric: An isotonic contraction where the muscle lengthens. concentric: An isotonic contraction where the muscle shortens.

What does latent period mean?

1 : the incubation period of a disease. 2 : the interval between stimulation and response.

What happens during latent period of muscle contraction?

During the latent period, the action potential is being propagated along the sarcolemma. During the contraction phase, Ca++ ions in the sarcoplasm bind to troponin, tropomyosin moves from actin-binding sites, cross-bridges form, and sarcomeres shorten.

What is latent period quizlet?

Latent period is the period of time between the generation of an action potential in a muscle cell and the start of muscle contraction. Describe the process of excitation-contraction coupling in skeletal muscles fibers.

What are the stages of disease progression?

The five periods of disease (sometimes referred to as stages or phases) include the incubation, prodromal, illness, decline, and convalescence periods (Figure 2).