Question: What Does The Suffix Itis Mean?

What diseases end in itis?


inflammation of the appendix.


disease causing inflammation of the joints.


inflammation of the mucous membrane in the bronchial tubes.


inflammation of the lining of the colon.




encephalitis.More items….

What does antibiotic mean in Greek?

An antibiotic is a substance used to kill bacteria. … Since the prefix anti- means fighting, opposing, or killing, and bios is the Greek word for “life,” antibiotic literally means life-killing. But doctors prescribe them primarily to kill the bacteria responsible for infections in the body.

What does suffix mean in Social Security?

l The second part of the claim number is the suffix following the SSN. n It is usually a letter which may or may not be followed by a digit. n The suffix indicates the type of benefits the claimant receives. n The suffix for SSI is different than the suffix for RSDI if a client is receiving both.

What does the suffix logy mean?

-logy is a suffix in the English language, used with words originally adapted from Ancient Greek ending in -λογία (-logia). … The suffix has the sense of “the character or deportment of one who speaks or treats of [a certain subject]”, or more succinctly, “the study of [a certain subject]”.

What does algia mean?

algia: Word ending indicating pain, as in arthralgia (joint pain), cephalgia (headache), fibromyalgia, mastalgia (breast pain), myalgia (muscle pain), and neuralgia (nerve pain). Derived from the Greek algos meaning pain.

Why do diseases end in itis?

Attaching the suffix “-itis” to the end of a word, often a Latin word, can make many common illnesses seem more severe and more frightening than they often are. “-itis” means “inflamed”, which in turn means that the body’s inflammatory process has occurred in certain body tissues.

What are the four types of infection?

This article will focus on the most common and deadly types of infection: bacterial, viral, fungal, and prion.

What is Laryng?

a combining form representing larynx in compound words: laryngotomy.

Is Itis a real word?

The suffix -itis comes from a Greek word that indicates “disease,” especially one marked by inflammation. One of the earliest uses in English is arthritis, seen as early as the 1500s and literally meaning “inflammation of the joints.”

Which suffix means disease?

Pathy-Pathy is a suffix meaning ‘disease. ‘ There are many diseases whose names include this suffix. A very common term in medical terminology is cardiomyopathy, meaning ‘disease of the heart muscle.

What are the word parts?

When you come across an unfamiliar word in a passage, one of the ways to determine its meaning is to break the word down to smaller parts. These are known as word parts and there are three types: root words. They can sometimes be combined with prefixes and suffixes to change its meaning or create a new word., prefixes.

What does the suffix itis mean in biology?

inflammationitis: Suffix meaning inflammation. For example, colitis is literally colon inflammation or figuratively inflammation of the colon.

What is the suffix that means treatment?

-gram. suffix meaning “treatment, specialty” -iatry.

What are words that end with the root word itis?

14-letter words that end in itisosteoarthritis.conjunctivitis.pyelonephritis.diverticulitis.vulvovaginitis.pachyvaginitis.photoretinitis.perichondritis.More items…

Which is the definition of suffix?

(Entry 1 of 2) : an affix occurring at the end of a word, base, or phrase — compare prefix.

What does OSIS mean?

0. 0. Osis is defined as state, diseased condition or increase. An example of the -osis suffix is narcosis, meaning a state of unconsciousness caused by a drug.

Which word part means childbirth?

CardsTerm The combining form meaning childbirth isDefinition puerper/oTerm The combining form salping/o means:Definition fallopian tubeTerm The word part that completes the medical term meaning visual examination of the uterus (uterine cavity), _________/o/scopy, is:Definition hyster97 more rows•Oct 21, 2007

What 3 word parts are in antibiotic?

Besides, what 3 word parts are in antibiotic? The three primary word elements are prefixes, roots and suffixes.

What is the suffix for pain?

algiaAlphabetical Listing (word building section)a-no; not; without-algesiasensitivity to pain-algiapainall/ootheralveol/oalveolus; air sac; small sac104 more rows•Aug 17, 2017

What are the 10 examples of suffix?

Examples of Suffixes-eer. Meaning: engaged in something, associated with something. … -er. Meaning: someone who performs an action. … -ion. Meaning: the action or process of. … -ity. Meaning: the state or condition of. … -ment. Meaning: the action or result of. … -ness. Meaning: a state or quality. … -or. … -sion.More items…

What is the purpose of suffix?

A suffix is a group of letters which can be added to the end of a word. A suffix cannot be used alone, and using one will change the meaning of the word it is attached to – but in a way that is different to how prefixes change the meaning of a word.